Concha Jerez, ‘Disjointment of a Political Party #2’, 1974, Aura

This is one of the first conceptual pieces produced by Concha Jerez. In an elliptical way the work reflects facts that were common during the final years of Franco’s dictatorship, when the arrests of members of political parties (still illegal at the time) appeared in the press without mentioning the fierce interrogations and tortures that many of them suffered. The illegible texts, which Jerez describes as self-censored, allude to the gag order imposed on the media by the government, as well as to self-censored language used by the media to avoid fines and the seizure of print runs.

Image rights: Concha Jerez

Galería Shüppenhauer , Köln. ARCO Madrid.
Interferencias en los medios, MUSAC, León (Spain), 2014.
ARTISSIMA. Back to the future. Aural Galeria, 2015.

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