Conner Green, ‘Imperium’, Pictura Gallery

Series: Imperia

About Conner Green

Conner Green seeks to investigate the social ramifications of monumental architecture through collages of found materials, drawings, and photographs. “I understand ‘architecture’ to refer to more than just the design and decoration of buildings, but also to human thoughts or actions that make order and meaning out of random space,” the artist has said. To create his work, Green digitally assembles his materials into sketchy, black inkjet prints that resemble schematic drawings or computer renderings, producing a sense of disorder in the otherwise highly organized and rigid, even scientific, discourse of architecture. The buildings pictured do not refer to extant constructions, in spite of their similarity to recognizable architectural movements and tropes, but rather reveal the more human aspect to architectural blueprints behind the monumentality of their finished products.

American, Indianapolis, Indiana, based in Madison, Wisconsin