Conor Walton, ‘A Thoroughly Modern Danae’, 2016, CK Contemporary

About Conor Walton

Drawing from the long history of his medium while taking it firmly into the 21st century, Conor Walton creates paintings that reference contemporary issues such as environmental degradation, terrorism, and globalization. As he once described his approach: “Coming late to an old tradition like European painting…I try to find ways to stay true to the tradition and yet stretch it a little, to have a conversation with old and new elements.” He does this by utilizing Old Master techniques, citing Jan van Eyck and Rembrandt as among his “painter-heroes, ” to paint still lifes, allegorical scenes, portraits and figurative works, and urban and natural landscapes. Such works reflect upon what he once termed the “Faustian” nature of Western civilization and the sacrifices made in the name of modernization.

Irish, b. 1970, Dublin, Ireland, based in Wicklow, Ireland

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