Conrad Ventur, ‘If You Knew (Nina Simone)’, 2010, Rokeby Gallery

Measures of change, distance, duration and memory are used as material in Conrad Ventur’s practice which takes the form of performance, photography, sculpture and video. Through his work Ventur attempts to explore the mythology of the past from the perspective of the present, investigating possibilities offered by the distribution & rediscovery of archival material in a digital age. Conrad Ventur's installation reanimates found footage of entertainers from past generations, highlighting his desire to recreate and relive significant cultural moments within immersive environments that conflate past and present. In employing the Internet, a non-hierarchical medium that collapses distinctions in time and space, Ventur points to the merging of past and present in his installations, presenting these notable subjects in new contexts.

About Conrad Ventur

Working within the media of photography and video for the last ten years, and more recently using installation, Conrad Ventur is interested in activating moving image archives, whether finding material online or looking at specific underground film archives and repositioning them in exhibition formats. He often brings together pioneers of living theater with a younger generation of performers in live and recorded environments. Ventur is most known for his re-creation of Andy Warhol’s screen tests using the same central figures from Warhol’s Factory studio.

American , b. 1977