Conrad Ventur, ‘MM #14’, 2010, Rokeby Gallery

This series of photographs stem from an ongoing collaboration between Conrad Ventur and underground film star Mario Montez. Renowned for his roles in Jack Smith's Flaming Creatures, Normal Love and No President, Montez is a legendary figure in the underground cinema and theatre scene of New York City. Most active in the ‘60's he starred in thirteen Warhol films, was a founding member of Charles Ludlam's Ridiculous Theatrical Company and played the lead in Jose Rodriguez Soltero's Lupe. In 2009 Montez emerged from retirement in 2010 and subsequently began a multi-media collaboration with Conrad Ventur, the series of photographs are hybrids of cinematic fictions and reality, created within the legacy of Mario Montez they reference Mario's own debut performance as Dolores Flores in Jack Smith’s Flaming Creatures, his performance in Smith's Jungle Island, Andy Warhol’s Batman/Dracula and his original Screen Test amongst others.

About Conrad Ventur

Working within the media of photography and video for the last ten years, and more recently using installation, Conrad Ventur is interested in activating moving image archives, whether finding material online or looking at specific underground film archives and repositioning them in exhibition formats. He often brings together pioneers of living theater with a younger generation of performers in live and recorded environments. Ventur is most known for his re-creation of Andy Warhol’s screen tests using the same central figures from Warhol’s Factory studio.

American , b. 1977