Constantin Boym, ‘Cartesian Skyscraper, Le Corbusier, 1938, signed prototype’, 1994, Chamber

"Cartesian Skyscraper, Le Corbusier, 1938" is a miniature from the "Missing Monuments" (1994) collection

Image rights: Antonella Tignanelli

New York

About Constantin Boym

Moscow-born artist Constantin Boym emigrated to the United States in 1981 though a loophole in Soviet policy—since then, his furniture and product design has been distinguished by a fascination with the once-forbidden American culture. Boym studied architecture at the Moscow Architectural Institute and later received his Master’s in design from Domus Academy in Milan. In 1986, he established a design studio in New York City, where he collaborates with his wife, Laurene Leon Boym, on designs for tableware, watches, furniture, lighting, and exhibition installations. Both Boym and his wife are of Russian-Jewish heritage; from their cultural perspective, they make social commentaries on America—often humorous ones—through the reappropriation and redesign of everyday objects and concepts (like their design for McDonald’s restaurants, which is intended to make the adult’s experience on par with that of children.)

Russian, b. 1955, Moscow, Russia, based in New York, New York

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