Cordy Ryman, ‘Melville Sunset’, 2015, Walter Storms Galerie

About Cordy Ryman

“I love materials and I save everything,” states Cordy Ryman, who concocts intentionally rough-around-the-edges, beautifully composed abstract sculptures, installations, and wall pieces from salvaged and painted wood. The son of Robert Ryman and Merrill Wagner, he has been immersed in art since birth, working with salvaged industrial and construction materials since the beginning of his career and gradually honing his focus to wood. Fusing painting with sculpture, and planning with spontaneity, he makes his works out of scraps of wood re-purposed from his own, older installations and cast-offs and supports from his works-in-progress. His compositions range from small- to large-scale, and self-contained to sprawling, with brightly painted or muted surfaces marked by use and re-use. “Used materials with a built-in history always seemed more interesting and richer,” Ryman explains. “They have a life and vitality already built in.”

American, b. 1971, New York, New York, based in New York, New York