Cornelia Hediger, ‘11.27.08 Set 2’, 2008, KLOMPCHING GALLERY

26” x 26” image on 30” x 30” sheet

With this newly released series of photographs, Hediger continues her exploration of the uncanny, constructing complex pictorial narratives into segmented tableau vivants, consisting of up to eighteen individual photographs combined into a single composition.

In each artwork the central characters—doppelgängers—are interwoven into a performative psychological struggle, displaying an undercurrent of the sinister, of angst and moral ambiguity. The dialogical discourse between the two central characters is superbly enacted by the artist herself, drawing comparisons in visual and conceptual strength to the work of historical photographers such as Claude Cahun.

Doppelgänger II is a richly colorful set of impeccable images that challenges, intrigues and captivates. Hediger’s authorship is assertive and confident. The photographs display a sophisticated use of illusory space and costume that draws the viewer into a directed yet oblique storytelling that demands an investment of enquiry by the viewer.

Series: Doppelgänger II

Signature: Signed, titled, dated, numbered via label.

Image rights: Cornelia Hediger

Klompching Gallery, September 7–October 11, 2011.

Direct from the artist.

About Cornelia Hediger

Though photographer Cornelia Hediger describes herself as private, she mines her own life for her work, as she explains: “I use photography as a visual diary. The inspirations are drawn from my own life.” Both creator and subject of her work, Hediger thinks of herself as a performer who enacts her own internal dialog in front of her camera. By staging ambiguous, impressionistic scenes, she deliberately allows room for interpretation, effectively balancing the personal with a more universal experience of the self.

b. 1967, Zurich, Switzerland