Cornelis de Baellieur I, ‘The Virgin and Child Enthroned’, Christie's Old Masters

With its radiant color and the distinctive large, dark eyes of the figures, this Virgin and Child Enthroned is unmistakably the work of Antwerp artist Cornelis de Baellieur. In 1617, De Baellieur was a student of Anton Lisaert in Antwerp before likely entering the atelier of the celebrated figure painter Frans Francken II (1598-1641). The prototype for the present composition derives from Francken and exists in several versions by him and members of his studio (see U. Härting, Frans Francken der Jüngere (1581-1642), Freren, 1989, II, nos. 114-116, pp. 263-264). The popularity of this composition derives from its role as a private devotional image, which may have evoked for contemporary viewers heavenly music unheard by mortals. Dr. Ursula Härting confirms the attribution to De Baellieur on the basis of firsthand examination (19 February 2009).

This lot is sold with a certificate by Dr. Ursula Härting, Hamm, dated 19 February 2009.

About Cornelis de Baellieur I

Flemish, 1607-1671, Antwerp, Belgium, based in Antwerp, Belgium

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