Cornelius Varley, ‘A Farm House with Figures’, Probably executed 1802 -1805, Davis & Langdale Company, Inc.

This view was almost certainly done on one of Varley's excursions to Wales in 1802, 1803, or 1805. A similar building is seen in "Cottage at Llanllyfni" of 1805, in the collection of the Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, CT.

Signature: Signed (at lower left): Cornelius Varley

Davis & Langdale Company, new York, 1981, "English Watercolors" (not in catalogue)

Ex coll: Spink & Son, London, 1981; to Davis & Langdale Company, New York, 1981; to private collection, from 1981 until 2018

About Cornelius Varley

1781-1873, Hackney, United Kingdom