Craig Drennen, ‘Painter E’, 2011, HATHAWAY | Contemporary Gallery

About Craig Drennen

Craig Drennen, whose influences range from Marcel Duchamp to Ed Ruscha, has been called a wry conceptualist. In his work he combines abstraction with text and figural representation, and frequently references failed cultural productions from history. Between 2002 and 2007, he produced performances, videos, paintings, and drawings based on the unsuccessful 1984 movie Supergirl. Since then, he has been creating works based on the characters from Timon of Athens, the only play by Shakespeare not produced during his lifetime. When asked about recurring themes in his work, Drennen says that he is “interested in making work that inhabits abandoned cultural airspace,” adding that this “should not be confused with an affection for failure.”

American, b. 1966

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GROUP SHOW featuring Nicole Cherubini, Mark Cooper, Craig Drennen, Jeffrey Gibson, Gabriel Martinez, Rune Olsen, Todd Pavlisko, Suzannah Sinclair, Matt Rich, Steve Locke, Summer Wheat

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