Craigie Aitchison, ‘Donkey Candlestick’, 2002, Advanced Graphics London

Publisher: Advanced Graphics London

About Craigie Aitchison

Figurative painter Craigie Aitchison is known for his Mediterranean-inspired palette and simple compositions. Combining elements of Italian Renaissance painting with the British visionary tradition, Aitchison’s work is uniquely vibrant. His longtime fascination with the Crucifixion began when the artist encountered Salvador Dalí’s Christ of St. John of the Cross (1951), and he painted the motif throughout his career. Aitchison also depicted animals, desert landscapes, and human portraits; many of his recurring subjects—such as a Bedlington terrier, which he owned—held personal significance for the artist. Aitchison aimed to achieve luminous yet translucent coloring in his paintings. Warm and fading, they reflect the sentimentality of his memories from childhood.

Scottish, 1926-2009, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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