Cris Brodahl, ‘Healing’, 2015, Xavier Hufkens

About Cris Brodahl

Belgian artist Cris Brodahl derives subject matter for her surreal paintings and collages from images taken from art, photographs taken by the artist herself, history, fashion and design magazines, and film stills. Although her work appears monochromatic upon first glance (sepia, gray, and black and white predominate), there are subtle gradations of color created through the skillful application of oils. Brodahl’s use of gold leaf and incisions disrupt the uniform surface of her images. Primarily images of female subjects juxtaposed with fragmented body parts, bones, crustacean forms, flowers, and inscrutable fetishistic objects, her compositions openly draw on Surrealist techniques of free association, weaving a narrative out of death, sexuality, dreams, and the unconscious.

Belgian, b. 1963

Group Shows

Geukens & De Vil, 
Antwerp ,

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Xavier Hufkens at Art Brussels 2016