Cristina De Middel, ‘"Umeko" from the series The Afronauts’, 2012, Dillon + Lee


  • PULSE Miami IMPUSE Prize, Miami FL
  • Infinity Award for a Publication, 2013, ICP, New York, NY
  • Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2013, London, UK, Finalist


  • First Book Prize. Aperture/Paris Photo 2012, Paris, FRANCE and New York, NY, Finalist
  • Photo Folio Review, Rencontres de la Photographie, Arles, FRANCE
  • Hey Hot Shot. Jen Bekman Gallery, New York, NY, Finalist
  • Sony World Photography Awards, London, UK, 2nd prize
  • 3rd Ward Open Call, New York, NY, Finalist
  • Renaissance Photography Prize, London, UK, Finalist
  • Accademia Appulia, London, UK, Finalist
  • PDN Photo Annual, New York, NY, Finalist

Series: Afronauts


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2013 “The Afronauts,” Paraty Festival, BRAZIL

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2012 Caja Mediterráneo. Itinerance

  • “The Afronauts,” La New Gallery, Madrid, SPAIN
  • “The Afronauts,” Kursala, Universidad de Cádiz, Cádiz, SPAIN
  • “The Afronauts,” GuatePhoto OpenCall, GUATEMALA

About Cristina De Middel

Cristina de Middel presents fictional scenes through a reality-based lens in her photographs. Disenchanted with photojournalism and the media’s shaping of public opinions, de Middel emphasizes holistic storytelling in her art, which is rooted in systems of beliefs, rituals, and religions. She is best known for “The Afronauts,” a self-published series about the short-lived Zambian space program. The series follows a fictionalized representation of true events, juxtaposing space age themes against a folk art aesthetic with the intent of criticizing the Western media’s stigmatization of Africa. De Middel’s goal is to spark debate about representations of the truth through these staged images. Most recently, de Middel has used photography to explore community militarization in Brazilian favelas, slums in Lagos, and Nigerian spam emails.

Spanish, b. 1975, Alicante, Spain