Cristóbal Ortega, ‘SUDORACIÓN JOSÉ RAMÓN JIMÉNEZ’, 2016, Miguel Marcos

Cristóbal Ortega (1970, Alhaurín de la Torre, Málaga). His beginnings as a watercolor artist, his fascination with informalism and all-over painting, united with his training as an architect, furnish the cradle of this amazing creator. From this base, he has continued his research on space on the two-dimensional surface of the canvas, even exploring the spatial three-dimensionality of elements not conceived for it, albeit without losing the essence of his painting.
Starting from an abstract expressionism, almost with an academic process in the formal, where the abundance, the excess, and primary colors together with panting action strengthen the work, mutating, permuting and becoming transgenic on its reverse side where emerges a painting absolutely original in the visual result, showing a amalgam of subtle colors and capricious and autonomous forms, almost close to minimalism, which links with the Chinese idea of Shen tou, as what comes from behind, where the result is sought but unpredictable. The existence of one depends on the existence of the other: The Yin and Yang.

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