Curtis Cutshaw, ‘Collection’, 2016, Jennifer Kostuik Gallery

The paintings in Levels and Construct contain fractured and deconstructed images on individual birch tiles which create a sense of removal of purpose and a false history. The surfaces are scratched, rubbed, marked, erased and distressed. The images seem to have a connection to the other; The viewers’ mind wants to reassemble the pieces and use what is there to create what is not there, referencing the hints to fill in a history which does not exist. Mark making and the artist’s hand is essential and key to the presentation. Cutshaw does not allow for the accidental. The works may appear spontaneous , yet every mark is intentional akin to the thought process while playing a chess game. This new work came out of the artist’s experience with his previous series, The Dowsing Rod Series, which relied on technical perfection and a removal of “touch”. These new paintings are experiential in themselves; they are touched, rubbed, scratched, marked, erased and distressed. The result is a hybrid of object, drawing and collage.


Based in Calgary, Alberta, Curtis Cutshaw’s mediums have always including painting and drawing. In 2005 he developed a unique approach to drawing where he acts as the “medium” through which dowsing rods, held by the artist, move when water is found underground. With pens on paper held beneath them, several layers of lines are recorded, much like a seismograph. They are then scanned, enlarged and colored, each image sized according to the scale Cutshaw prefers.

Signature: On Reverse

Image rights: Curtis Cutshaw & Kostuik Gallery

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