DAIN, ‘Faccia Di Fly’, 2014, DETOUR Gallery

Inspired by the Old Hollywood glamour of the 1940’s and 50’s this mixed media work features a black and white portrait of a woman with heavy elements of collage work overlapping her features. Differing from the artist’s other works, a butterfly is centrally placed over the woman’s eyes- a feature DAIN is usually most drawn to in his subjects. The central location of the lips also provides a prominent feature to the work as the artist believes both the eyes and lips to be pivotal features of a female, rather than the clothing she wears. Adding to the collage and framing the subject’s face are overlapping black and white images of jewelry and miscellaneous patterns. Meanwhile, the body of the subject is clearly chosen from another image. The background of the work contains more black and white imagery, however, DAIN’s use of bold and bright colors painted behind and over this imagery is what really commands attention in this background. Lines and drips of paints in bright color reference the artist’s background in graffiti and street art from his life in Brooklyn, New York.

About DAIN

One of the most influential street artists to emerge from New York, DAIN combines the visual language of graffiti with collaged old portraits of Hollywood glamour stars. Crossing genres and often working single pieces back and forth between the street and studio, DAIN combines wheatpasting, silkscreening, spray paint, collage, and acrylic. His process begins with a black-and-white photo that he layers with old advertisements, printed fragments, logos, and miscellaneous smaller images. He then begins adding paint; his unmistakable trademark is the “circle and drip” around the eye of his subjects. DAIN views his work as a confrontation between the destructive gestures of graffiti and the femininity of his Hollywood subjects.

American, Brooklyn, New York, based in Brooklyn, New York

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Group Shows

Detour Gallery, 
Red Bank, NJ, United States,
Mermaid Beach,
RED - Expressionism Group Exhibition
Joseph Carini Carpets, 
New York,
Make Shift