Dale Carney, ‘Trojan Horse’, 2012, Whitechapel Gallery

About Dale Carney

Claiming “painting, for me, invites struggle,” emerging artist Dale Carney combines abstraction and figuration in paintings that burst and bustle with color, brushstrokes, words, symbols, and images that seem to continually emerge from and disappear into his vibrant, overall compositions. Recognizable images—human and animal stick figures, eyes, masks, patches of landscape, fragments of architectural forms—intersect with exuberant scribbles, drips, and mounds of paint that seem to have been generated from his unconscious. Accordingly, Carney describes his works as “a mixture of the outside and the inner world.” His paintings exude tension—visual, psychological, and emotional. Through their roiling physicality, Carney lays bare his own process of creation, based in struggle and the catharsis of completion.

British, b. 1985