Dale Marshall, ‘Cut Up No. 10’, 2014-2015, ANNO DOMINI

Includes frame

Signature: Yes

Orbital–Cut up and rewired Solo Exhibition at Anno Domini

About Dale Marshall

Though his bold, expressive paintings and drawings are largely abstract, Dale Marshall sees them as a form of self-portraiture, into which he feeds the story and struggles of his past and his ongoing effort to transform the chaos of his life experiences and memories into art. He began as a graffiti artist on the streets of Bath and Bristol, a rough, drug-filled period that eventually landed him in an asylum, where he battled with psychosis and clinical depression. After emerging from this turbulent period, Marshall began producing the lush, textured mixed-media paintings and drawings for which he is now celebrated. On a thick ground, he overlays graffiti-like scribbles, fragments of text, lines, and colors, with applications ranging from feverish and gestural to subtle and delicate, reflecting life itself.

British, b. 1974, Bath, United Kingdom

Solo Shows

Soze Gallery, 
Los Angeles,