Damir Očko, ‘Dicta (group 2)’, 2017, Kasia Michalski Gallery

Solo exhibitions:
2017 Dicta, Kasia Michalski, Warsaw

Kasia Michalski

About Damir Očko

Through his music, film, poetry, and two-dimensional objects, Damir Očko investigates language as expressed in sound and voice and its resonance in visual images. A participant in the 2015 Venice Biennale, Očko is inspired by the likes of John Cage and Edgar Varèse. His work drives toward a primal sound that has both poetic and political ramifications. “What I try to do is to better understand the ways of listening and looking, and how this intensity emerges...a cinematic intensity, when image and sound are working as a dense harmony,” the artist has said.

Croatian, b. 1977, Zagreb, Croatia, based in Zagreb, Croatia