Damir Očko, ‘Studies on Dicta #7’, 2017, Kasia Michalski Gallery

The collage is a study for Damir Ocko's 2017 film, "Dicta". The word, referring to a set of statements usually found in a legal language, has a particularly "authoritarian" value – a trait that attracted the artist, who, by recently researching expressionism and fascism in the 1930s, investigated the need to liberate the arts in the times when the state was becoming more and more oppressive. The faces, composed of layers of makeup on paper and foil and accompanied by free poetry and statements randomly assembled from the writings of Bertold Brecht, represent Damir Ocko's step towards a liberation of his own language and form.

Signature: The work comes with a certificate of authenticity signed and dated by the artist.

Kasia Michalski Gallery

About Damir Očko

Through his music, film, poetry, and two-dimensional objects, Damir Očko investigates language as expressed in sound and voice and its resonance in visual images. A participant in the 2015 Venice Biennale, Očko is inspired by the likes of John Cage and Edgar Varèse. His work drives toward a primal sound that has both poetic and political ramifications. “What I try to do is to better understand the ways of listening and looking, and how this intensity emerges...a cinematic intensity, when image and sound are working as a dense harmony,” the artist has said.

Croatian, b. 1977, Zagreb, Croatia, based in Zagreb, Croatia