Dan Ford, ‘Super Bowl Ad. Bud Bowl Illustration’, 1990-1992, Robert Funk Fine Art

As as Advertising Art Director for Foote, Cone and Belding, New York and others, I had the privilege of hiring many illustrators for commercial assignments for over 8 years. My take away, there is a whole realm of supremely talented artists who have been purposely ignored by the fine art world because their work was done on assignment for commercial clients. To some extent, this mindset is melting away with the recognition of fashion photography. However, commercial illustrators still have been ignored. In my personal opinion, most commercial artists are far superior artists than 90 percent of the work being shown in fine art galleries. This Photo Realism airbrush painting was shows consummate technical skill combined with a very powerful graphic composition. Notice the detail on the label typography, it is rendered with fine exactitude. Budweiser Beer used this advertising campaign for over 7 years to brand their signature beer product with the USA's most watched sporting event. This work is a team effort. The artist did not think up the idea of Bud Bowl. Most likely, the art director at the advertising agency, did a rough sketch and then Dan Ford brought it life. Budweiser is one of the most iconic American brands.

Signature: signed lower right

The Artist