Dan Gualdoni, ‘Coastal Redux #188’, 2015, Kathryn Markel Fine Arts

Image rights: 2015, Kathryn Markel Fine Arts

About Dan Gualdoni

Dan Gualdoni makes mixed-media paintings of atmospheric landscapes that are based on the coasts of his beloved American North Pacific, yet without reference to specific places. His subjects are actually the mood and memory of these places. Gualdoni characteristically works in monochrome or two-tone palettes. This, in addition to the soft-edged forms and luminosity, give his work the distinctive appearance of imperfect photographic prints. This is the result of a particular process in which Gualdoni applies many layers of glue and oil paint to the surface of a wood backing—which can take weeks to cure and dry—and then smears, scrapes, or pokes at the surface. The results are translucent and suggest optical depth. Before Gualdoni began to make these smear paintings in 1997, he worked as a lithographer and printmaker.

American, b. 1943, St. Louis, Missouri, based in St. Louis, Missouri