Dan Holdsworth, ‘Blackout 13’, 2010, SCHEUBLEIN + BAK

About Dan Holdsworth

Drawn to remote landscapes and areas on the periphery of human development, such as motorways, out-of-town shopping centers, and car parks, Dan Holdsworth once claimed that the subject of his photography is the human psyche. “I’m often quite interested in dislocating the image from the place,” he says. “I’m not so interested in where it’s located. What I’m interested in is a psychological landscape.” Holdsworth began creating his body of work in the mid-1990s, photographing vast and seemingly unpeopled spaces, at night and using long exposures. More recently he has created a series based on the landscapes of Iceland, and another featuring near-abstract, close shots of anaerobic chambers.

British, b. 1974, Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, England; London