Dan Pillers, ‘Fuel for Thought’, Basic Space Gallery

"Faggot… A bundle of sticks as used for fuel.

When I was a young child I attended summer camp. On the last night of camp, the camp councilors had everyone participate in what they referred to as a “Faggot Ceremony”. As we gathered around the campfire, each camper was given a stick or faggot. We were asked to think about what our week of camp meant to us… what we liked about it… and what we learned. As each person felt moved, they would toss the faggot into the fire. Some would talk about the new friends they had made and how much fun they had. Others spoke of the sadness of leaving. Some placed the stick in silence. With each stick, the fire grew larger as we laughed, cried, hugged and smiled… I learned I had a voice.

For me, a faggot is fuel for thought."

About Dan Pillers

American, b. 1958, Spokane, WA, United States, based in Portland, OR, United States