Dan Rupe, ‘Ducks in the Shade’, Carrie Haddad Gallery

This vibrant yet tranquil landscape of a red barn at dusk, with six ducks resting in its long shadow, was painted by Hudson, NY artist Dan Rupe. The deep red walls of the barn form a strong contrast to the rolling green pastures and Catskill skyline that constitute the background, while lavender clouds billow overhead. Paint is applied to the panel in thick, vivid strokes, lending the painting a very palpable texture that is characteristic of Rupe's work.

About the artist and work:

In Dan Rupe's work, simple street activity and community landmarks are translated with vibrant color, boldly accentuated with a canvas first coated in a crimson wash. When asked why he loves painting, Rupe says, “I choose to make art brightly with bold strokes, it’s laughing out loud with nothing to hide, I just let it out.” Rupe studied at the Interlochen Arts Academy and the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts.

About Dan Rupe