Dan Rupe, ‘The Great Lawn, Olana’, 2016, Carrie Haddad Gallery

22 x 30 inches, oil on canvas, unframed
Signed on reverse side

Colorful Fauvist style Hudson Valley landscape with bright colors of red, green, blue and purple. Horizontal painting with loose and bold brush strokes which add a textured element. Colorful and modern depiction of a landscape in the Hudson River Valley painted at Olana, which was once the home of Frederic Church, a central figure in the Hudson River School of American landscape painters.

About the artist: Dan Rupe paints only from life, his composition ruled by his intuitive sense of formal order. He begins covering his canvas with a deep crimson wash. This ground gives his brilliant pure color , applied with an expressive, direct gesture, an electric charge. No matter how often or how long one looks at a Rupe painting, it is always the present tense. The tone of his palette, the freshness and clarity of primary colors, reflects an optimistic attitude, an intrinsic love of life. This painting is part of a new series inspired by the flowers growing in the artist's garden in Hudson, NY.

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About Dan Rupe