Dan Shaw-Town, ‘Untitled’, 2014, 1/9unosunove

About Dan Shaw-Town

Dan Shaw-Town’s sculptures investigate the various possibilities of his materials, placing them in new contexts by disrupting or breaking them, altering their surface through paint, or combining them with different materials. “A large part of my process is concerned with creating a ‘surface’. A physical or repetitive process of mark making, an entropic cycle of creating whilst, at the same time, erasing and ultimately changing,” he says. His labor-intensive sculptural process involves repeated addition and erasure enacted on industrial objects. For Untitled (2011), Shaw-Town rolled, bent, and repeatedly crumpled a large sheet of graphite before evenly painting it and mounting it on a wall using grommets. The placement draws attention to its materiality and to the graphite’s almost painterly, damaged, and textured surface.

British, b. 1983, Huddersfield, United Kingdom, based in New York & London