Danful Yang, ‘Packing me softly’, 2014, Pearl Lam Galleries

No. 14

About Danful Yang

Danful Yang delves into the history of art and design, incorporating objects and materials in playfully unexpected ways. The head of Pearl Lam’s Shanghai-based consortium XYZ Design, Yang explores Chinese arts and crafts techniques, including cloisonné, woodwork, and porcelain, along with contemporary issues of consumerism and globalizations. For her “Fake” series, she created chimera-like pieces, fusing elaborate European Rococo and Chinese imperial furniture and upholstering them with counterfeit handbags. Inspired by French designer André Dubreuil, her works take on a conceptual quality, reversing the expected relationship between furniture and decoration by using porcelain vases as a table’s base, for example, or elaborately recreating cardboard shipping boxes in silk embroidery. “In China, we don't discriminate between art and design,” Yang says. “It's about creativity and the idea behind the object.”

Chinese, b. 1980, based in Shanghai, China