Daniel Brice, ‘Untitled (15-502.7)’, 2015, Tamarind Institute

Publisher: Tamarind

About Daniel Brice

In his abstract paintings and prints, Daniel Brice explores both the physicality and the intellectual and emotional resonance of color. Based in sun-drenched Southern California, he translates the multihued blues of the bright Pacific Ocean and the lush reds, yellows, oranges, and greens of the local flora into the richly colored lines and rectangles that dominate his compositions. The surfaces of his paintings range from diaphanous to thickly worked and often stretch across multiple panels, lending an almost sculptural quality to his works. Brice works in layers, overlapping variously sized rectangular planes of color to create a constantly shifting visual field. In OX 27 (2012), for example, four distinct and differently shaded blue rectangles abut two off-white ones, reminiscent of clouds and sky, ocean and horizon, or wading from the shallow shore into the increasing depths of the deep blue sea.

American, b. 1961, Glendale, California, based in Los Angeles, California