Daniel Canogar, ‘Other Geologies 4’, 2005, bitforms gallery

Discarded objects (toys, computers, videos tapes, mattresses) found in garbage dumps have been photographed in order to create large photographic murals. Naked bodies are trapped within the garbage. Other Geologies is a meditation on mass consumption and visual excess. Other issues, such as the electronic baroque and the erasure of memory are also explored.

                             Triptych, each framed panel measures: 59" x 79" / 150 x 200 cm

About Daniel Canogar

Sifting through dumpsters to find materials, Daniel Canogar creates works out of discarded pieces of moribund and current technological hardware, from light bulbs and VHS tapes to DVDs and fiber optic cable. Canogar’s installations offer commentaries about the speed and regularity of obsolescence in the world of consumer technology. The artist’s 2010 installation Spin featured films projected onto the DVDs from which they were ripped, creating reflections on facing walls, and accompanied by their dissonantly layered soundtracks.

Spanish, b. 1964, based in Spain