Daniel Escobar, ‘Itália 306-307 (Da série The World)’, 2013, Zipper Galeria

About Daniel Escobar

Multimedia artist Daniel Escobar uses raw materials that include advertisements, outdoor billboards, travel guides, tourist pamphlets, maps, and posters; from these, he creates tableaux and dioramas that are both representations of actual urban landscapes, as well as abstract meditations on consumerism and tourism. The most iconic of these works hail from his “The World” series (2011013), in which cutout images from travel guides are re-attached to open pages in the volume, such that the result resembles a pop-up book landscape. His own hometown, Belo Horizonte, has also been a recurring subject in his work. In “Atlas of Urban Anatomy” (2011-12), Escobar uses the maps in a guidebook for Belo Horizonte as a basis for creating fictional maps, which he literally carved from the pages.

Brazilian, b. 1982, Santo Ângelo, Brazil, based in Porto Alegre, Brazil