Daniel Göttin, ‘Untitled 8, 2007’, 2007, IdeelArt
Daniel Göttin, ‘Untitled 8, 2007’, 2007, IdeelArt

This work is one of several similar works consisting of brush acrylic painted multiplex. The multiplex surface is shining through the paint and the structure becomes part of the painting. The layers create a depth, as a visual challenge within the clearly defined rectangle.

About Daniel Göttin

Favoring industrial materials such as tape, wood, metal, and plastic, Basel-based Daniel Göttin seeks to explore the subjective nature of perception and make his viewers aware of architectural and spatial nuances. Göttin’s site-specific “Wall Works” series features geometric shapes constructed with tape; the pieces are reminiscent of Op Art yet are more akin to sculpture or architecture than painting. Through this series and other wall-mounted pieces, Göttin aims to unite art with the surrounding environment. “I am interested in a work that makes the site visible through the artwork, and the site makes the artwork visible at the same time,” he has said. Minimalist sculpture and the collages of Kurt Schwitters are influences on Göttin’s work.

Swiss, b. 1959, based in Basel, Switzerland

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