Daniel Gustav Cramer, ‘Untitled (Water III)’, 2015, Sies + Höke

About Daniel Gustav Cramer

Daniel Gustav Cramer is known best for his sparse aesthetic in multiple mediums. An ambitious ongoing series, simply titled “Works” (begun 2009), is comprised of a variegated range of work including film, sculptures, installations, and photography. In many of these, he seeks out unspectacular scenes, but ones that both have a quality of vastness and intimate or personal experience—in other words, how things can appear distant and close all at once. Subjects have included lone boat journeys, vast and foggy mountain ranges, and dense forests with traces of human presence. He treats individual pieces as series unto themselves by composing a sequence of images illustrating lapses in time. Cramer is also interested in the idea of memory and the infinite, which he explores via books and archives as medium and subject.

German, b. 1975