My work is fragile, violent, aggressive, athletic, and painfully sensitive, all at once reflecting—literally, with the use of mirrors—that “human dead center” noted by Rosenberg. I aim to seize upon, fracture and reconfigure the complex range of what makes us most human, reassembling it all into balanced wholes.

The use of the tondo or imperfect circle is my way of trying to make things whole, by taking all of the disparate parts of my life; histories, pains, triumphs, losses, past, present and future—and making some sense of it all, a beautifully terrible reconciliation and acceptance of the fact that there is no such thing as perfection.

Selected Exhibitions:

2017 Zachary Keating with Daniel John Gadd, FRED.GIAMPIETRO Gallery, CT

       Straight Outta Bushwick, Chimento Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA

2016 For The Moon, DAVID&SCHWEITZER Contemporary, Brooklyn, NY (Solo)

       Reality is Wrong, Dreams Are For Real, DSC ANNEX, Brooklyn, NY

       An Occasional Dream, Life on Mars Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

       Sideshow on Mars, Life On Mars Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

       Forvever After: Painting and the Eye That Touches, Curated by Cory Dixon, Brock University, Ca

       Lazuli, Curated by Enrico Gomez, Ground Floor Gallery, BK

2015 We Are What The Seas Have Made Us, Curated by Catherine Haggarty Proto Gallery, Hoboken

       Momenta Art Benefit, BK, NY

       Family Ties, 500X Gallery, Dallas, TX

       New Work City, Momenta Art, BK, NY

2014 Back to the Future Pt. 1, Life On Mars Gallery, BK, NY

       Soft Substitutes/Heavy Thinking, Elgin Gallery, BK, NY     

       Cutlog Art Fair, JAG Fine Art, New York, NY

       Second Family, Curated by Julie Torres NY, NY

2013 Rosemma, JAG Fine Art, Philadelphia. PA. *

       Aqua Art Miami, JAG Fine Art Booth, Miami, FL 

       Cutlog Art Fair, JAG Fine Art, New York, NY

2012 Paintings, Daniel Cooney Fine Art, NY, NY *

       Red Dot Art Fair, JAG Fine Art Booth, Miami, FL

       Group Show, JAG Fine Art,, Philadelphia, PA

       A Small Embassy of Living Painters, Appels Gallery, Amsterdam

       Affordable Art Fair, Tache Gallery Booth, NY, NY    

       Affordable Art Fair, 10 Year Retrospective, Visual Arts Gallery, NY, NY

2011 Winter Group Show, Tache Gallery, New York, NY

       Dividing Light / Measuring Darkness, Curious Matter, Jersey City, NJ

       Emergence, JAG Fine Art, Long Beach Island, NJ

2010 Fever Dream, Sam's Spaces, Lambertville, NJ*

       JAG Fine Art, Philadelphia, PA

       Summer, JAG Fine Art, Long Beach Island, NJ

       Mendros Festival, Aegean, Turkey

       Promenade ,Gallery U, Montclair, NJ

2009 Octet, Codes and Contexts in Recent Art. Curated by

       Suzanne Anker and Peter Hristoff, Visual Arts Gallery, NY, NY 

       The Sum of Nothing, Curated by Sarah O’Donaghue, Brooklyn, NY

       Octet, Curated by Suzanne Anker and Peter Hristoff, Pera Museum, Istanbul

       Jet Of Blood, Frigid Theatre Festival, New York, NY  

       New Art In New York II,Visual Arts Gallery, NY, NY

2008 Image, Fall Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada

       Aqua Art Miami, Visual Arts Gallery Booth, Miami, Fl

       New Art In New York, Visual Arts Gallery, NY, NY   

       Prime Time, Westside Gallery, New York, NY

       Affordable Art Fair, Visual Arts Gallery Booth, NY, NY

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