Daniel Joseph Martinez, ‘Leipzigerstraße at the Federal Ministry of Finance. What’s remarkable about this building and yet  widely unknown is that on October 7th 1949 the GDR (DDR) was founded/constituted here. The  mosaic by Max Linger is called “The buildup of a republic” (German: Aufbau der Republik) and  is entirely made out of Germany’s well known Meißner porcelain.’, 2017, Roberts Projects

About Daniel Joseph Martinez

Using text, image, sculpture, video, and site-specific street performance, provocateur Daniel Joseph Martinez investigates challenging issues about America’s social architecture, democracy, capitalism, and the relationship between personal and collective identity. “I’ve always embraced a means to open debates, as part of a method to allow art to become an active agent of the possibility that ideas can infect our daily lives,” Martinez explains. “This usually leads to some form of controversy in the work.” For the 1993 Whitney Biennial, Martinez created new text for the museum’s admission badges that read “I Can’t Ever Imagine Wanting to Be White.” At the 2008 Biennial, he presented Divine Violence (2007), which consisted of 125 panels, each painted with the name of an organization that used violence to effect political change.

American, b. 1957, Los Angeles, California, based in Los Angeles, California