Daniel Kruger, ‘necklace’, 2013, Caroline Van Hoek

A spectacular example of gold filigrane. Kruger is known for having tried classic jewelry techniques and recreating historic or ethnic influences giving it his own identity.

About Daniel Kruger

Taking cues from historical artifacts and Euclidean geometry, jewelry and ceramic designer Daniel Kruger says that many of his pieces “have a distinct erotic quality.” His creations are often symmetrical and in pairs: two-pronged rings, brooches hiding double pearls, necklaces with twin pendants. He balances mathematical patterns—grids, tessellating shapes—with softer, more organic lines. It’s Kruger’s choice of materials, such as silver, turquoise, and coral, that give his works their aura of ancient treasure. Kruger is not loyal to particular time periods or regions though; influences include everything from Apache beading to Byzantine enamelwork.

South African, b. 1951, Cape Town, South Africa, based in Berlin, Germany