Daniel Petraitis, ‘Red Chair’, 2012, VICTORI+MO CONTEMPORARY

About Daniel Petraitis

Sculptor Daniel Petraitis calls each of his own works “an iteration of an object taken from my landscape; a lush urban environment saturated in pop culture.” Among his interests Petraitis lists the division of artistic and non-artistic forms of labor and the question what qualifies as an art object. He often uses laborious, craft-based techniques to create versions of objects that are commonly mass-produced. In his own words, the effect on his work is “the opposite of Minimalism—handmade, but that doesn’t look handmade.” Petraitis also renders his objects in unusual scales and materials. Waste and its paraphernalia—including empty bottles, trash bins, and dumpsters—are recurring motifs in Petraitis’s work.

American, b. 1981, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania