Daniel Robinson, ‘Arlington’, 2016, Charles A. Hartman Fine Art

About Daniel Robinson

Depicting relics of post-industrial life in glowing natural landscapes, Daniel Robinson reimagines the precisionist tradition of American painting. Having grown up in various parts of the United States, Robinson now lives in Central Oregon, where he draws on his rural surroundings for inspiration. His works capture the sweeping natural beauty of the Western landscape, often in luminescent dusk or dawn lighting, but also incorporate angular architectural features, such as roads or industrial buildings, to offset nature’s organic curves. Reverent toward early twentieth-century American painting and the rustic lifestyle it portrayed, Robinson’s paintings also highlight the unexpected aesthetic value of industrial life. “In order to exalt beauty, you find something that’s utilitarian, that’s ordinary...but you see it in a special way, with a special light,” he has said.

b. 1963

Solo Shows

Charles A. Hartman Fine Art, 
Daniel Robinson: Open Road