Daniel Rozin, ‘Mirror No. 5’, 2001, bitforms gallery

Mirror No. 5 is a screen-based installation that emphasizes a graduation in greyscale value across the picture plane. Rotating circles are used as a compositional unit. Varying grays are achieved through the removal of radially sliced pie-shapes, resembling the body of Pac-Man.

A predecessor of Rozin's Circles Mirror, this piece laid the conceptual framework for what would later become an interactive sculpture in 2005.

Dimensions variable.

About Daniel Rozin

Artist and computer developer Daniel Rozin is best-known for incorporating ingenious engineering and his own algorithms to make installations that change and respond to the presence and point of view of the viewer. Exploring the subjectivity of self-perception, Rozin’s works are made from a wide array of materials from video to wooden pegs and even street refuse. Trash Mirror No. 3 (2011) uses motors and software designed by the artist that manipulate ‘pixels’ constructed out of flattened, reflective pieces of garbage, which shift to render the silhouette of whomever approaches it.

Israeli, b. 1961, Jerusalem, Israel, based in New York, New York

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