Daniel Rozin, ‘Trash Mirror No. 3’, 2011, bitforms gallery
Daniel Rozin, ‘Trash Mirror No. 3’, 2011, bitforms gallery
Daniel Rozin, ‘Trash Mirror No. 3’, 2011, bitforms gallery

The Trash Mirror physically builds a picture plane from irregularly shaped objects that have been discarded. Originally created in 2001, the Trash Mirror breaks traditional boundaries of sculpture and video. Carrying its conversation about technology toward the human condition, the piece examines our ideas of chaos and order, as well as perception – in particular, our ability to make sense of pixilated grids, even when they are broken.

Composed of 500 units in the picture plane, Trash Mirror, No. 3 is part of a series and will be specially commissioned for debut at Volta NY. Previous iterations of the series have been exhibited internationally at venues including the Reina Sofia, Spain; the Taiwan National Museum; and Art Rock, France.

About Daniel Rozin

Artist and computer developer Daniel Rozin is best-known for incorporating ingenious engineering and his own algorithms to make installations that change and respond to the presence and point of view of the viewer. Exploring the subjectivity of self-perception, Rozin’s works are made from a wide array of materials from video to wooden pegs and even street refuse. Trash Mirror No. 3 (2011) uses motors and software designed by the artist that manipulate ‘pixels’ constructed out of flattened, reflective pieces of garbage, which shift to render the silhouette of whomever approaches it.

Israeli, b. 1961, Jerusalem, Israel, based in New York, New York

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