Daniel Sinsel, ‘Untitled’, 2010, ICA London

About Daniel Sinsel

Daniel Sinsel thinks of his work “primarily as a means of communicating my relationship with things.” The artist is known for creating paintings and sculpture that manipulate a viewer’s sense of perspective, space, and material using trompe l’oeil techniques. Sinsel uses certain devices to trick the eye: offering something to look through or look behind, using one substance to represent another, and distorting geometry. He applies a range of techniques and craft-based practices to create his works—like metalworking, ceramics, weaving, and sewing—to a diverse list of raw materials, which has included glass, unrefined silk, velum, marble dust, silk, gold, terra-cotta, pasta, and nuts. Sinsel’s works are characteristically simple in composition and attentive to detail.

German, b. 1976