Daniel Turner, ‘Untitled’, 2015, KÖNIG GALERIE

About Daniel Turner

Working with industrial materials and byproducts—like steel wool, rust, and polyethylene—Daniel Turner highlights the austere beauty and poetry in the chemical processes of dissolution, transference, and transformation. Though he was trained as a painter, and began his emerging career producing large-scale canvases, he felt confined by his medium’s two-dimensionality. True to his current explorations, he moved away from painting and towards wall reliefs, sculptures, and installations by destroying his canvases in a bonfire, titling this action, Burning an Entire Body of Work (2006). As he describes: “The work had to lose its own structure to move forward, so I burnt everything—some 30 to 40 large-scale paintings.” Now Turner’s work ranges from industrial sinks set into wooden blocks, and filled with slowly rusting metal parts partially submerged in water, to smoky, subtle steel wool rubbings on gallery walls.

American, b. 1983