Daniela Gullotta, ‘Beelitz I’, 2013, Galerie Koch

About Daniela Gullotta

A fascination with empty and abandoned spaces serves as the driving force behind Daniela Gullotta’s mixed-media paintings. Gullotta investigates the relationship between people and constructed environments, depicting dramatic exteriors and vast interiors that suggest a human presence without featuring any figures outright. Gullotta’s art-making process begins with a monochrome photograph, which she traces over and builds up using oil paint, acrylic, colored pencil, and charcoal to highlight geometric compositions. The end result is an architectural image that is mysterious and theatrical, yet grounded in reality. Favoring famous attractions in England, Italy, and Germany, such as the British Parliament and the Pantheon, Gullotta offers a new way of looking at the past.

Italian, b. 1974, Bologna, Italy, based in Bologna and London