Danny Galieote, ‘The Secret Garden’, 2017, Arden Gallery Ltd.

Signature: On front and back

About Danny Galieote

Danny Galieote juxtaposes the imagery and pop sensibility of postwar America with an air of surrealism, evoking a menacing, dark aura in his paintings and casting a shadow over the historical eras they depict. At the beginning of his career, Galieote worked full time at Disney while pursuing his painting practice on the side. He began pairing images of innocent midcentury Americana—a young couple enjoying Coca-Cola or women frolicking on a beach—with threatening sights from the same period, such as mushroom cloud explosions. Galieote uses a grid to map his photographic sources onto the canvas, resulting in technically precise compositions.

American, Los Angeles, California, based in Los Angeles, California