Danny Rose, ‘Gust’, 2017, Jen Mauldin Gallery

Series: Elsewhere

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Solo Shows
2016 Majic Eyes, Eisemann Center for Performing Arts, Dallas, TX
2015 Everything Eventually, Rumah Seni Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia
2014 Ini, Ini, Ini, Rumah Seni Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia
2012 I Do Not Move, Metropolitan Press, Dallas, TX
2007 Queens, Queens Queens, IM Gallery, Altus, OK

Group Shows
2017 CHAOS!!!!! 2017, Ro2 Art, Dallas, TX

Travel is an important part of Rose’s creative process and keeps him connected to the colors and shapes he observes in nature and existence. His work is driven by the magic and mystery found in the changing landscapes he’s experienced through his travels. Rose’s collection for Elsewhere elucidates the dynamics he sees in places, both real and imagined, residing in the refuge of his mind. To bring his vision to life for his audience, Rose’s paintings emerge through a form of automatic drawing and painting. This process enables Rose to pull shapes into being, from a subconscious level. “As I paint, I allow shapes and colors to evolve, keeping an openness to change.” Rose is constantly seeking beauty, understanding and originality, and his art provides him an expressive way to explore these concepts both privately and anthropologically.

About Danny Rose

American, b. 1988, Charleston, SC, United States, based in Dallas, TX, United States

Solo Shows

Eisemann Center for Performing Arts, 
Dallas, TX, United States,
Majic Eyes
Rumah Seni Medan, 
Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia,
Everything Eventually
Rumah Seni Medan, 
Medan City, North Sumatra, Indonesia,
Ini, Ini, Ini
Metropolitan Press, 
Dallas, TX, United States,
I Do Not Move
IM Gallery, 
Altus, OK, United States,
Queens, Queens Queens

Group Shows

Jen Mauldin Salon