Dashiell Manley, ‘Scene 3 Version B  2’, 2013, Whitney Biennial 2014

Image rights: Photo credit Jeff Mclane. Image courtesy of the Artist, Redling Fine Art, and Jessica Silverman Gallery

About Dashiell Manley

Dashiell Manley’s paintings are not strictly paintings, but rather multimedia and multi-dimensional objects. He is known particularly for his double-sided works of canvas and glass, packed with layers of spillage, abstraction, representational imagery, scribbles, and illegible text. He is also known for creating videos employing a similar density of imagery; these are laboriously composed stop-motion films, each made from a large volume of still photographs Manley has taken. Manley also creates site-specific installations that occasionally serve as the set or characters in performances; the most infamous of these includes a bathtub-sized construction that resembles half an oyster shell, re-made in several iterations and featuring extensively in Manley’s films and performances.

American, b. 1983, based in Los Angeles, California