Dave Kinsey, ‘Type 06B’, 2003, Julien's Auctions

Exhibited at 80% Post-Consumer Grade, BLK/MRKT Gallery, 2003
Framed: 32 x 32 in.

BLK/MRKT Gallery, Los Angeles

About Dave Kinsey

Dave Kinsey builds impossible worlds on canvas. With the combination of painting and collage, Kinsey creates multi-layered compositions through which he strives to address the complexities of life contemporary society. Continuing the trajectory of early 20th century Surrealism, many of Kinsey’s paintings depict strange beings—some with humanoid features and some fully alien—interacting with extraterrestrial environment to varying degrees. In November Fire (2014), pieces of a humanesque torso and leg share a figure with other unidentifiable extremities in a Martian-like landscape. In his “Clipboard Series,” Kinsey inserts disembodied faces into abstracted spaces layered with collaged text and image. Through all his work, Kinsey says he works “to capture the essence of the human condition.”

American, b. 1971, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, based in California

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