David Allan Peters, ‘Untitled #20’, 2016, Royale Projects

About David Allan Peters

Inspired by the saturated sunsets and flora of his native California, David Allan Peters produces abstract paintings whose surfaces explode with color. Working on wooden panels at small- to mid-scale, he first builds up thick, monochromatic layers of pigment; a single panel may hold 100 different layers. Once these layers have dried, he cuts, scrapes, and carves into them, revealing the many colors beneath the surface, which reappear as radiating lines, rings, and whorls. He describes his process by saying, “I paint these beautiful colors and keep stacking them on top of each other. It’s like hiding secrets. I have to find them again. I rediscover.” Not one to waste material, Peters collects the rainbow assortment of pigment scraps created from his work and transforms them into vibrant sculptures of geometric shapes and crystalline forms.

American, b. 1969, Cupertino, California, based in Los Angeles, California