David Austen, ‘Untitled Series’, 2015-2016, Ingleby Gallery

37 x 30.5 cm / 44.1 x 37.6 cm each part (unframed / framed)

Available as full set or as individual works or small groups

About David Austen

Best known for his bold text paintings until, in recent years, he began producing films, David Austen explores emotional states and human relationships, often borrowing images and text from old black-and-white photos, film noir, and 19th-century literature. Austen’s oil-on-canvas text paintings display bittersweet phrases such as “The Love Planet,” and “The City of Love and Fear.” In his feature-length film End of Love (2009), a post-apocalyptic, vaudeville piece, a cast of characters including a trapeze artist, an old moon, and a dark angel perform at the end of the world in an abandoned theater, to rows of empty seats. Austen has also painted frail-looking watercolor nudes, and produced etchings and colorful mobiles.

British, b. 1960, Harlow, United Kingdom, based in London, United Kingdom

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